Our Story


Why Red Cloud?

A Company For The People

Our brand Red Cloud Company, represents the excitement, anticipation and possibility of adventure.  'Red Cloud', represents the sunrises before you embark on your adventures and sunsets when your day is done.  These moments when you experience the dawn and the dusk are memorable and they are special.  We call them, The Red Cloud Moments.  Perhaps in these moments the eternal speaks to you, perhaps you feel overwhelming gratitude, perhaps it is overwhelming love because of the people you are with.  For everyone it is different, but we do know there is magic in these moments for all of our hearts.


Our products support you in your quest to experience life and push the boundaries of what is possible.  To have more of these Red Cloud Moments. 

A company with out its people is a hollow vessel.  We are seeking out souls with hearts for community, nature, fitness, health, adventure, exploring, passion and courage! 


We believe that people who are passionate and alive are better people.  They are more compassionate to one another, to the earth and to themselves.  They inspire others to be better and reach their potential.  We want the world to be more genuinely connected.  We support people that have the courage to follow their wild heart into the unknown and in this we painstakingly and thoughtfully engineer products that support them on their journey.  


We support the dreamers, the risk takers, the lovers, and the curious.  The ones who reach for more and the ones that strive for more.  We want more of YOU!  So we created a company to serve you!  Gear should be the last thing that gets in the way of your adventure.

Wherever you go!  We are with you!  Explore. Dream. Discover your Red Cloud moments.  

Thank you for going on this adventure with us!  We can't wait to meet you!

-The Red Cloud Team